Nov 27 2019

“Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” With No Spoilers!

Hello Ladies and Gents,


So, I finally watched "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood", which I have been dying to see. It is directed by one of my favorite directors, the one and only Quentin Tarantino...whom IMO, is an absolute genius, and if you disagree, move on, we will not be a match, just joking ; ) 


If you haven't yet seen this movie, and are interested in watching it; it just became available for purchase on Vudu and other online movie streaming services. IMO (IN MY OPINION) it is worth purchasing, unless you are the type to never rewatch a movie.

This movie has an amazing cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, the absolutely stunning Margot Robbie, an unrecognizable Dakota Fanning, Emile Hirsch, Luke Perry, Rumor Willis, plus many of Tarantino Veterans that played small roles, including Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, and Michael Madden.


I am not a crazy in-love fan of DiCaprio, like many women are. I don't find him at all attractive. And while I think he is a good actor, I don't find him to be an AMAZING actor, like Joaquin Phoenix or Christian Bale. However, I do feel he gets cast in amazing roles and I love most of his movies, but only because they are great movies he is cast into, and not because I am a crazy DiCaprio fan.  While DeCaprio played the lead role, I found Brad Pitt to being the the one who really stole the spotlight and was amazing in this movie.


The basic premise of the movie is that DiCaprio was a famous Western TV show actor going through somewhat of a mid-life crisis, feeling that his relativism in the business was close to being over.  Brad Pitt is his "official" stunt man and "unofficial" Personal Assistant and best friend. 


I did like this movie...like and not love. It is a very long movie, almost 3 hours, but it really didn't feel like it was THAT long while watching. Most of the movie was kind of boring with a few funny or interesting short scenes.  The movie takes place in the late 1960s. I feel like the whole movie was providing the viewer with the context of who DiCaprio had been in the past, in terms of the success of his career, the context of where he was in his life at that point in time and his with his career, and showing the type of relationship they (DiCaprio and Pitt) had with one another and the strength of their friendship.  So, the whole movie was laying this groundwork for the viewer to understand who these two men were and understanding their relationship with one another.  All this groundwork, over 2 hours of groundwork, was given to the viewers inorder to allow the viewers to fully appreciate the OUTSTANDING ending, that made the previous, somewhat boring, two hours and 15 minutes of viewing worth sitting through.  Don't worry, I'm not going to even give a hint to what happens in the end.  I wouldn't ruin it for you!


One thing I really liked about this movie was it mixed together true events from that era with  the storyline of the movie. I always love to watch for the "cliches" or "subliminal messages" in Tarantino's movie. For example, there is a scene where 2 girls from the Charles Manson cult are sitting in front of a business called "Pandora's Box" hitchhiking and trying to tempt Pitt to give them a ride.  

The other thing I like about this movie, was it took a true horrific event from history and changed it to not being quite so horrific and with a happy ending. Maybe that's why it is called "Once Upon A Time...." cause like all "stories" it has a happy ending, but this "story" was a true historical event that they modified into the storyline and made changes to what happened in real life.

For those of you that has seen the movie, share in the comments your thoughts on the movie. But, please, NO SPOILERS! :)