Oct 23 2018

Upcoming Virginia Election

As most of you may know, an important election is coming up. And, yes, I know “Politics” is one of the “forbidden” topics of conversation. I am certainly not going to pretend to be an expert on the subject of politics. I will also not attempt to sway anyone’s vote. But for any of you who are on the fence or haven’t decided on a candidate, I wanted to provide information to you on “Why I am Not voting for incumbent Congressman Dave Brat, representing the 7th Congressional District.”

Dave Brat was a key player, working with Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri to pass FOSTA. For any of you that has had your head in the sand for the past year, FOSTA is the recently passed law, that takes effect this coming January, to “supposedly” stop sex trafficking. However, in typical political form, though it sounds great, “Sextrafficking is bad, we all agree” it does nothing to stop sex trafficking. In actuality, it creates censorship on the internet, for the first time, and it only hinders “consenting adult entertainers”. FOSTA is why many of the websites you were familiar with are now gone. They have closed down in fear of the criminal charges, law suits, and fines FOSTA hands out. TER, being probably the most popular one you may be missing. P411 users, all the changes are due to FOSTA. As of January P411 will no longer allow adult entertainers to advertise. They stopped accepting new members months ago, all thanks to FOSTA. P411 was a wonderful resource that provided security both for entertainers and clients that one another were legit through internal recommendations of members.

Many of the online resources entertainers used to screen their clients are now gone. Now entertainers are forced to take bigger risks and are getting hurt, even killed. Furthermore, many adult entertainers have had to leave the safety of their home and computer to go to the streets to find new clients, in order to supplement their loss of income since FOSTA has closed down their advertising resources.  Obviously working the streets is much more dangerous than finding clients online, where hey have an opportunity to first screen the prospective client. Since the passage of FOSTA violent crime against women has increased dramatically.  The predators are fully aware that women have loss many of their resources, so they are targeting women while they know they are disadvantaged.

Even local police departments have admitted that FOSTA has made the fight against sex trafficking more difficult. Cause, though it is true the traffickers used Backpage frequently, so did the police to catch them. Backpage did cooperate with law officials to catch traffickers, and they have provided evidence of that aid. The police had it so easy before. They just went on backpage and targeted the ads of suspected sextrafficked individuals. The sex traffickers would use certain emojis in their ads to discretely advertise the girls were underage. With Backpage gone, the sextraffickers have been forced to go deeper underground and LE has to do actual detective work to find them. No more sitting ducks.

The adult entertainment industry has been, and will continue to be greatly crippled by FOSTA. It has taken away their rights to protect selves from those that intend to harm them. It has made it harder for you to find ladies. And you hate their screening, why do they need to know so much? They have to screen twice as hard cause of FOSTA. Equally, if not more important, it has made it more difficult for those that have been trafficked to be found and saved from their hell of sexual slavery. And we can thank the wonderful Congressman Dave Brat for that. I ask for any of you that care for a certain, or many adult entertainers, to take a stand for them and vote out Congressman Brat on Nov. 6th.

Thanks for giving me a moment of your time.  If inspired, make a tax deductible donation to SWOP - Sex Workers Outreach Program : )  https://swop.org.au/