Reference Request

I am happy to provide you up to 2 references since our last meeting with another provider IF I have seen you in the past 6 months. If I receive a reference request for you, and I have not seen you in the past 6 months, my reply to the provider will be just that..you are not someone I have seen in the past 6 months and am unable provide a reference.
If you would like me to be a reference for you, please email me first, and let me know that I will be getting contacted for purpose of providing reference for you.  This is so I can protect your privacy. I would not want to verify you to someone you did not give permission to receive information about you. For your discretion, if I am contacted by a provider to provide a reference, and you have not given me permission to release information about you, then I will ignore her request.
Providers are to contact me by email only, no text, no phone calls....and they must be a reputable provider with an internet presence that I can verify before I provide feedback. They should include a link to their personal marketing website and email me from the email advertised on their website. Also, include link(s) to active advertisements.  Having an advertisement is not an internet presence, they must have their own personal marketing website.
It does take a considerable amount of time to provide references, because I do so only in a responsible, safe (for both of us) manner. Emailing me an e-Gift Card, while not required, is certainly appreciated as a token of gratitude.  Examples of some of my favorite stores are on my Wishlist. You can never go wrong with Amazon and GiftRocket also offers an extensive choice of vendors.  I love surprises!
Thank You Gentleman