Bring Me To You

Fly me to you  

Although I am based in Richmond, Virginia, travel is my passion. Since being a Private Model & Entertainer is a part-time passion of mine that I work around my professional career’s schedule, I, unfortunately, am unable to tour.  If you are unable to book an engagement in Richmond, or surrounding cities, do not fret. You still have an opportunity to share this incredible, and special experience with me where we will create unforgettable memories together.   How you ask? Well...I am available for private modeling engagements nationwide and internationally.  My passport is up to date and traveling bags are always ready to go.  Though I have a professional career, I have a somewhat flexible schedule. Nothing would please me more than to meet you for a private modeling or entertainment session in your city.  Show me your city. Take me to your favorite restaurants. See your city for the first time again through my eyes as you take me sightseeing and we do all those silly tourist things together that you never got around to doing, or did ages ago.   


Though there are many models available to you, I cater only to exceptional private clients whom desire the most sensual and exclusive private models available.  I am in a unique and fortunate situation that  my successful professional career affords me to be very selective in whom I provide private modeling and entertainment engagements for.  I delight in  continuous affairs that are authentic and have been developed over numerous  romantic dinners, going to concerts together, taking trips together, and other decorous dates, with the priceless advantage of no commitments, drama, attachments, dependency, or future expectations, and all the benefits of lust, excitement, fun, and pure enjoyment.  A truly hedonistic relationship.  


For "Fly Me to You" dates, I fly into your city exclusively for “YOU” for the time and date that works best for “YOU”. My favorite way to make an acquaintance!  I’m available for worldwide travel bookings. Take me across the country or across the world. I have a passport and a thirst for adventure.  




To reserve an exclusive travel date, a 25% deposit must be provided upon booking, in addition to the cost of airfare and hotel. Of course, in the very rare event that I should need to cancel our trip, you will receive a full refund.   I will book my own airline ticket.  Travel expenses need to be received prior to travel being arranged. You would be responsible for taking care of travel expenses and I will be responsible for taking care of you...Travel expenses include First/Business class airfare, transportation to and from the airport, meal allowance if necessary, and if overnight accommodations are necessary, a room at a 4 or 5 star hotel.  For each day of the trip, I require at least 8 consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep time. International travel engagements must be a minimum of 2 days. “Fly Me To You” engagements in the USA must be 2 hours or longer in duration.    



I Drive to you 

Being the eager to please courtesan that I am, I am also available to drive to you, IF you are within approximately 2 hours, one-way, drive, from my location (which is usually Richmond)that I am at. There is a small travel fee that will be added to my total donation, when I am making a road trip to you, for my expense, wear and tear on the Mercedes (Do you know how much the oil change is on that thing?!) and my time. The travel fee needs to be paid at time of booking, in addition to a 25% Deposit, as is customary.  Examples of what you can expect in regards to the travel fee:  


Williamsburg, Va         $100  


Norfolk, Va                  $150


Virginia Beach,  Va     $200    


Washington DC          $250


Raleigh, NC.               $300