The Experience

Though there are many models available, I cater only to exceptional private gentlemen whom desire and enjoy the company of the most sensual and exclusive private models available.  I am fortunate to be in the unique position where my successful professional career affords me to be very selective in whom I provide private modeling and/or entertainment engagements for.  I delight in continuous affairs that are authentic and have been developed over many romantic dinners, going to concerts, taking trips, and other decorous dates, but with the priceless advantage of no commitments, drama, attachments, dependency, or future expectations, and all the benefits of a completely exhilarating and hedonistic affair.   I have mastered the art of seduction.  Do you want to be seduced??


My ideal gentleman can appreciate my willingness to please. I am the perfect chameleon. I will be your guest at any formal engagement or dinner. You can trust I will be dressed distinguishably and breathtakingly. I will be able to hold my own in any educated conversation, but I also know when to listen. At the blink of an eye, I am now the sexy woman by your side as we paint the town red together and make other couples jealous and reminisce of a time when they used to be so in love as we appear to be; you will be surprised by my wild streak and lightheartedness. At the next instant, I am the woman content cozying up to you, next to the fire with a bottle of Cabernet for a quiet and sexy night in, where I will make sure every bit of stress leaves each and every one of your muscles, as we enjoy one another’s presence, conversation and touch. Whatever it is you have planned for us, you can be confident that I will fit right in and always be so appreciative of whatever you have planned for us.   


You may find that you just cannot get enough of me and would like to have a more on-going, continuous arrangement.  I offer a “Semi-Exclusive Arrangement” & an “Exclusively Mine Arrangement”. Either arrangement can be tailored to your exact needs within the realm of my available time.  The compensation for an arrangement shall be paid the 1st of each quarter or month (depending on the sort of arrangment.)   



*Three Month Committment Required. Total donation paid the first of each quarter.


  • Unlimited Calls & Texting
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Three - 2 hour dates, or Two-3 hour dates, or split the six hours up amongst 1-3 dates per month however you wish to do so each month.
  • Any additional expense related to travel, hotels, etc would be covered by you as well.


                                                             STARTING AT

Exclusively Mine Arrangement         $20K/Month


This arrangement will literally halt all my interactions with other suitors. You will be my top priority, evidenced by me tailoring my schedule to your needs and wants. I will meet you anywhere in the world for your desired amount of time...You will provide me with a generous monthly allowance, as well as take care of all my living and travel expenses.  


I understand your financial support to be a show of good faith, A gesture of your appreciation for my time, and that you are a well-bred, discerning gentleman of affluence.


I will be your ultimate paramour, eagerly indulging your every wish and desire. This preferential arrangement is not accessible to everyone. Not only would you need to be a man of considerable affluence, there would also need to be a degree of magnetism and intrigue experienced by both us, due to the great amount of time we will be spending together.  Ideally, this will be an arrangement where you will provide mentorship to me and guide me through my entrepreneurial ambitions. 


Ultimately, we will have an extraordinary affair where we will benefit, mutually, and a beautiful, eternal bond will be formed between you and I.