I am happy to travel to you and am able to drive to the DC area, Virginia Beach, etc., basically anywhere within a 3 hour drive radius from Richmond, VA. If you would like to fly me out to you, I’ll have my bags packed; I love to travel and experience new places. I do, however, ask for travel expense reimbursement for all outcalls. For any out-calls within Richmond, VA and surrounding areas, I use shared driving services for transportation. Therefore, for out-call appointments within the Richmond area, a prepayment to cover round trip shared transportation expenses will be necessary. Any associated travel expenses must be paid in advance at time of me accepting the appointment. Thank you so much gentlemen.



If during our appointment you wish to extend our time together and my schedule permits, it will be at a rate of $400 each additional hour.  



In-Call appointments require a deposit/pre-payment of $150, to secure the In-Call location. Out-Call appointments in Richmond, VA area require a deposit/pre-payment for round trip shared ride service.




It is understandable that things happen from time to time and plans need to be canceled. Out of consideration, if for any reason your appointment needs to be changed or canceled, please contact me immediately, in writing via text or email. No appointment is considered canceled until you have received a confirmation in writing confirming so. When I accept an appointment with you, I may have had to turn away another potential client. I spend a great deal of time preparing for our time together and schedule rest of my daily activities around the time you have requested to spend together. I also spend an extensive amount of time screening each clients, for both yours and my safety. Therefore, just as I respect you, and your time, I ask for the same consideration, by your intent to keeping to our scheduled time together, and if cancellation is unavoidable, then promptly paying the cancellation fee. For appointments cancelled outside of 48 hours, there is no cancellation payment expected. For appointments canceled within 48 hours of your scheduled visit, a fee of 50% of your arranged fee will be required to maintain in good standing, and to retain the opportunity to schedule again in the future. For appointments cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled visit, 100% of your arranged booking fee is necessary to maintain in good standing and retain the opportunity to reschedule. A “no call no show” on your part, for any appointment, will result in being immediately placed to the national “Do Not See” list, unless 100% of your arranged booking fee is paid within the same day of scheduled appointment. Cancellation fees are due at the time you receive confirmation in writing of receipt of your intent to cancel. Confirmation of your cancellation will include payment options for paying the cancellation fee. By requesting an appointment, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to this cancellation policy. CANCELLATION OF SAME DAY  MADE APPOINTMENTS WILL RESULT IN a last minute cancellation fee of $100, plus in-call expenses, and travel fees, if applicable.





* Overnight session is 12-14 hours and a minimum 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is necessary.

** All appointments longer than 3 hours requires some social activity, such as going for drinks and appetizers, going out for dinner, etc.

*** 24 hour -each additional full or partial day is $2000

**** The prices in the list down below are for Richmond and surrounding cities. When touring to DC, Florida, Chicago, add $300 to hourly rate.

***** Out-call rates do not include the additional cost of round trip shared ride services. All out-call appointments in Richmond, VA area will be charged associated hourly rate IN ADDITION TO the approximated expense for the round trip shared ride service to and from your location.




Outcall rates

1 hour 400 USD +
90 minutes 600 USD +
2 hours 800 USD +
3 hours 1100 USD +
4 hours 1400 USD +
8 hours 2500 USD +
12 hours 3000 USD +
24 hours 4000 USD +
weekend 6000 USD +
overnight 3000 USD +

Incall rates

1 hour 500 USD
90 minutes 700 USD
2 hours 900 USD
3 hours 1200 USD
4 hours 1500 USD
8 hours 2600 USD
12 hours 3100 USD
24 hours 4200 USD